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Infrastructure, Transportation & Logistic


Africase Attorneys provides a wide range of legal services related to infrastructure matters, from project development to financing, construction, procurement, real estate, environmental, dispute resolution, intellectual property, and regulatory issues.

1. Project Development: Advising clients on the legal aspects of project development, including project structuring, financing, and risk allocation. This may include drafting and negotiating project agreements, conducting due diligence, and advising on regulatory compliance.

2. Project Finance: Assisting clients with project finance transactions, including advising on financing structures, drafting and negotiating financing documents, and advising on regulatory and tax issues.

3. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Advising on the legal aspects of PPPs, including structuring, drafting and negotiating PPP agreements, and advising on regulatory compliance.

4. Construction: Advising on all aspects of construction law, including contract drafting and negotiation, claims management, and dispute resolution.

5. Procurement: Advising on procurement law and regulations, including drafting and negotiating procurement contracts, advising on bid protests and disputes, and advising on compliance with procurement regulations.

6. Real Estate: Advising on the legal aspects of real estate transactions, including acquisition, financing, leasing, and development.

7. Environmental: Advising on environmental law issues related to infrastructure development, including compliance with environmental regulations, permitting, and risk assessment.

8. Dispute Resolution: Providing representation in dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation, related to infrastructure matters.

9. Intellectual Property: Advising on intellectual property issues related to infrastructure projects, including patent and trademark issues.

10. Regulatory: Advising on regulatory matters related to infrastructure, including compliance with regulatory requirements, licensing, and permitting.

Transportation & Logistics

Africase Attorneys providess comprehensive legal services in transportation and logistics matters to help clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve their business goals.

1. Transportation regulations and compliance: Providing legal advice and guidance on regulatory compliance issues related to transportation of goods, such as licensing, permits, customs regulations, trade restrictions, and other legal requirements.

2. Cargo claims and disputes: Advising clients on matters related to cargo claims, including disputes related to loss, damage, or delay in delivery of goods, and assisting in negotiation, mediation, or arbitration of disputes.

3. Shipping contracts and agreements: Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements related to shipping, including charter party agreements, bills of lading, shipper-carrier agreements, and other transportation-related contracts.

4. Freight forwarding and logistics: Advising clients on issues related to freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chain management, including legal aspects of warehousing, distribution, and other logistics-related issues.

5. International trade and customs: Providing advice on trade and customs law matters, including tariff classification, customs valuation, and compliance with import and export regulations.

6. Transportation finance: Assisting clients in obtaining financing for transportation and logistics projects, including acquisition of assets, project financing, and other forms of financing.

7. Environmental and sustainability matters: Advising clients on environmental and sustainability issues related to transportation and logistics, including compliance with environmental regulations, and assisting in environmental due diligence and risk assessment.

8. Insurance and risk management: Providing advice on insurance matters related to transportation and logistics, including risk management, coverage analysis, and insurance claims.

9. Dispute resolution: Representing clients in litigation, arbitration, and other forms of dispute resolution related to transportation and logistics matters, including cargo claims, shipping disputes, and other transportation-related disputes.

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For decades, our international advocates developed an in-depth understanding of Africa and are working in the major capitals of Africa.
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